Case Study

Painter with hand/wrist disability

I received a call from a new client who was referred to me by a mutual friend. The client had recently suffered a disability to his hand/wrist and was unable to work being a painter. He was severely stressed as he had submitted the claim him self and was informed by the insurance company that his claim was declined.

He was also getting behind on his vehicle lease repayments and was finding that he was starting to have to use his credit card to cover ongoing living and medical expenses. The claim was declined on the basis that the disability was a repetitive illness and the client had an accident/injury only income protection policy, hence he was not covered for any illness/sickness related symptoms. After spending time going through the policy documents/definitions and understanding the client’s disability in detail, I submitted a revised claim along with a report on the client’s disability and why he is entitled to a claim.


The claim was over turned and the client was paid four months of his benefit for the time he was off work including back payment from the time he initially stopped working.

Hayden White

Hayden has worked in the financial services for last 15 years and provides specific direct equity investment advice both for clients that require portfolios inside and outside superannuation.