Over the years the Poole Group has developed a reputation and expertise within the property industry.

What is Property Syndication & Poole Groups’ Role?

Property syndication is the pooling of financial resources from smaller investors to acquire a investment properties in its entirety. When selecting a property(s) for syndication, it is essential to invest in properties with long-term leases, sound returns, development opportunities and potential for strong capital growth.

Over the past 30 years Property syndicates have proven to be very popular for investors looking for diversification in their portfolio, particularly the smaller property investor with limited available capital who have an opportunity to invest in commercial, retail or industrial properties. Syndicates are also becoming more popular especially among SMSFs.

We encourage investments in Property syndicates where there are quality tenants, long-term leases, strong returns and good potential for capital growth. Our due diligence ensures risk is minimised and clients have the benefits of a regular cash flow as well as tax benefits and potential capital gains.

Prior to and during the formation of the syndicate, Poole Group will undertake the following services:

  • Selection of potential projects and properties.
  • Advice on syndicate structure.
  • Advice on development approvals and the development process if required.
  • Establishment of the syndicate.
  • Establishment of the Trust Deed.
Make you money

Get into the market quicker than you could on your own. You could build a larger property portfolio quicker than you could on your own

Save you money

Reduce the amount of cash you need to purchase and hold property and helps you to be more disciplined with money

Saves you time

Sharing the workload with others leverages your partners’ strengths and also your time

Manages your risk

When it comes to property selection and strategy decisions, you have a group of people with different knowledge and perspectives to draw on.

Makes you feel good

Frees up more of your own cash flow to support a more sustainable lifestyle

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