Exit Planning

  • 5 Estate Planning tactics to preserve Family Wealth

    Over the years we have witnessed first-hand what can happen when a client’s Estate Plan hasn’t been structured correctly. We think it’s important to preserve the Family Wealth and pass assets onto future generations, below are 5 key points to think about and act on.

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  • Typical Ways to Exit Your Business

    If everything goes well, for the typical small business, it provides a nice income for the owner and is then sold for a good price. The key to a successful exit here is to make sure that your business will bring a top price for its category and location.

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  • Benefits to Early Succession Planning

    We obviously speak to a lot of business owners about approaching retirement – as a result of recent research we now know that business owners in the 60 to 69 year age bracket represents 37% of all business owners which is a substantial increase on the 21% in 2010.

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  • Exiting Your Business

    Every business owner has an inevitable day when they will no longer own their business. Ben Franklin wrote "Nothing is certain but death and taxes," and he was right.

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