4 Ways To Avoid Data Entry: Receipt Bank Accounting Software Saves Time and Money

We love the Xero cloud accounting platform, but one of the reasons for that is not just the Xero app itself: It’s the ‘app eco-system’ of addon partners that provide specialist software programs that integrate simply and easily with Xero.

These addon apps help you to improve efficiencies and information flow in your business.

For example, imagine being able to eliminate the need for tedious manual data entry around receipts, bills and invoices.

This is what Receipt Bank—the 2015 Xero addon of the year—does for your business.

You gain back valuable time into your business and improve the processing of your accounts the fast and simple way.

Here are just 4 of the ways you can avoid data entry.

1. Instant data capture

Capture data instantly without manual handling. Bills, receipts and invoices can be scanned and emailed as a PDF direct to a nominated email address. Data is captured and stored instantly.

2. Automate data extraction

Receipt Bank reads the data and extracts key information ready to be analysed. No more manual data entry, no more time wasted processing facts and figures. Receipt Bank does it all for you.

3. Publish directly to Xero

With the push of a button, key financials captured within Receipt Bank are processed directly to Xero. Easy. You and your team have better things to do than data entry!

4. No more paper filing

Receipt Bank will automatically attach a pdf copy of the invoice to the transaction within Xero. Whenever you want to look at the invoice it is right there in front of you (or your accountant) without having to forage through a pile of shoeboxes to locate it!! Once the invoice is uploaded then you can throw away the paper copy.

Clients are telling us that their use of Receipt Bank is saving them hours each week, allowing them more time to focus on building their business.

We’re rapt to hear that because we’re on a mission at Poole Group to provide all our clients with real advice in real-time with real data. That’s our mantra. That’s how we help our No more business clients keep their finger on the pulse of their business’ performance.
And Receipt Bank is another tool helping us to achieve exactly that.

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