3 Key Reasons To Use Chaser Accounting Software: Improve Cashflow and Reduce Debtors With Ease

Taking control of your cashflow and managing debtors are challenging elements to running a successful business. Reminding people to pay you on time is a crucial function in a business, yet often business owners are so busy that they overlook it.

Sure, you could hire staff to chase up and remind your debtors for you, but that’s expensive and a little ‘heavy’ in terms of keeping the relationship with your customers or clients positive.
What if the follow-up process could be automated and done in a way that customers didn’t mind at all?

Enter, Chaser.

Chaser is an app we’ve introduced to many clients and they’re seeing positive results. It integrates with Xero accounting software and gives you an easy way to reduce debtor days and improve cashflow. And even though Xero now has a simple debtor follow-up function, we recommend Chaser because it gives you a lot more flexibility and features.

Here are 3 key reasons we believe your business needs to implement Chaser.

1. Improve communication with customisation

Chaser offers businesses the functionality to easily customise emails based on the needs of each client. This flexibility allows templates to be created and re-used, resulting in fewer manual errors and a faster communication process. This allows you to retain a personal touch.

2. Automate processes and improve productivity

Automating follow up emails at predetermined times after the due date of an invoice works to significantly improve productivity. Whether you opt for 7, 14 or 28 days past due reminders, or times that best suit your internal processes, you can be confident knowing that emails will never be overlooked nor doubled up. Should reminders need to cease, this can be easily managed too.

3. Create an audit trail

Establishing and maintaining an audit trail of communication is essential. Chaser will automatically copy in a third party as needed and retain a backup of each correspondence issued.

Chaser works seamlessly to keep debtors within agreed trading terms, and this flows through to you enjoying improved cash flow. Already we have seen clients reduce their debtor days by 15% within a month of implementing Chaser and their debtors of 90-days-plus have reduced by 30%.


That’s instantly improved cash flow.

With our passion for helping businesses by providing real advice in real-time with real data, Chaser fits perfectly into the mix of the Xero addon partners we recommend.

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