Xero Hesitation: 10 reasons we keep recommending Xero to our clients


February 10, 2016


“What’s the best accounting software for my business?” As accountants we’re asked that a lot. And for most small- and medium-sized businesses the answer is, without hesitation, Xero.

Why? Because we think it’s the best accounting software currently available. And here are ten reasons why we keep recommending it to our clients.

  1. Easy to use and understand. You don’t need an accounting degree to understand how it all works.
  2. One of Xero’s best features is being able to receive financial information directly from banks and other institutions. But before they’ll release that information Xero needs to adhere to their rigorous security protocols. That means Xero’s online security meets some of the highest security standards in existence.
  3. No need for backups. Xero backs up all of its data on several servers, including a number of servers at different sites around the world. If there are any issues with one server, Xero can quickly bring another server online to minimise downtime. Compare that to the backup sitting on your desk next to your computer.
  4. Because Xero is cloud-based, you can access your files and data from anywhere at any time. All you need is an internet connection. I’ve personally accessed and paid wages between game safaris in South Africa, from remote B&Bs while touring the UK, and even from the remote Pilbara region in Western Australia. You’re no longer tied to a desk.
  5. Automatic bank feeds. Forget about manually entering data from your bank statements. Xero automatically uploads the information, which means you can reconcile everything quickly and know exactly where you stand financially.
  6. Simplified payroll and superannuation. The simple payroll solution means most payrolls can be done in minutes. And the Auto Super function (available in a number of packages) means you can say goodbye to preparing and sending super payments for staff each month/quarter.
  7. Xero also integrates with various add-ons, providing a more robust and extensive platform for your business needs. These add-ons can automatically follow up debtors, reduce the time spent entering supplier details, integrate staff rosters to inventory, and provide Point Of Sale solutions. As you can see, Xero is much more than just an accounting solution.
  8. Single ledger. Xero uses a single ledger, which means you can work on the same file as your accountant. No more taking a backup, sending it to your accountant at year end and then waiting for them to send it back with the necessary changes. And because you can both work on the same file at the same time, it becomes more efficient for both of you.
  9. Automatic updates. Remember how painful (not to mention expensive) it was to update your accounting software every year? With Xero, you receive updates throughout the year as part of your subscription. And because the software is cloud-based, you’ll always be running the latest version.
  10. Most of the benefits we’ve talked about will reduce the time you spend doing admin work. And that means you’ll have more time to work on your business instead of in it. For some of our clients, Xero is reducing their admin time by up to ten hours a week. Think of how much more business you could generate by having an extra day every week.

Xero has changed the game for small businesses. The combination of a cloud-based accounting solution and dozens of add-ons means small businesses can create a sophisticated and efficient platform for a fraction of the cost.

Talk to one of our team today, and see how Xero can simplify your business administration.

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