3 reasons why Xero is the best accounting system for startups


January 25, 2016


Starting a new business for the first time can be tough. You’ve always dreamed of making a living doing what you enjoy, and you expect to take the world by storm the moment they hear about your new venture.

Unfortunately, reality doesn’t always work that way. Chances are the world won’t fall in love with your business on day one, even if you could get the word out that quickly. And you soon realise that building a business involves a lot of stuff you probably don’t enjoy: hiring staff, finding IT solutions, and dealing with the dreaded bookkeeping and tax.

Fortunately, you can get help with those last two from another startup—Xero. Yes, the company that everyone loves and has taken the world by storm was once a startup just like yours.

And that’s just one of the reasons why Xero is the best accounting system for startups. Here are some other good reasons:

  1. Xero provides a flexible business platform

    Every startup needs tools that will help the business grow and also grow with the business. And the Xero ecosystem provides exactly that.

    By starting with Xero’s core accounting package, you can bolt on other programs to integrate with Xero as your business grows. Instead of having to toss out software because you’ve outgrown it, you simply add whatever you need to create a state-of-the-art platform that’s tailored to suit your business needs.

    By integrating various add-ons you can create ecommerce sites, take online payments securely, build a customer database with an integrated CRM, become more mobile and even manage your team with rostering solutions and workflow management tools.

    As your business grows you can quickly add and customise flexible reporting tools to generate reports for KPIs, departmental reports or whatever you need.

    And if you find a particular add-on no longer meets your needs, just unsubscribe and bolt on another one that does.

  2. Xero makes record keeping simple

    Xero is one of the most innovative cloud-based accounting packages on the market. With the ability to bring bank feeds directly into the system, they have created a simple way for your business to comply with its bookkeeping obligations.

    Your financial advisor can also access the same data at the same time, so you can discuss issues as they’re happening instead of six or even 12 months down the track.

    And because the software is cloud-based, your accounting system will always be up to date. No more manual software upgrades to buy or install, and no problems with incompatible versions.

  3. Xero has created a Business Booster program especially for startups

    Since Xero’s early days as a startup in New Zealand, it has successfully developed into a global brand and business. But the company’s management team (particularly Rod Drury) still remember how daunting it can be establishing a new business.

    Which is why Xero announced a new program called the Xero Business Booster at last year’s Xerocon in Melbourne. The six-month program will give micro-businesses and startups not just a great accounting/business product, but also education and support in building their businesses.

    The program consists of three main features:

      Thought leadership from six inspirational speakers who talk about being successful.
      Real-life case studies from business owners who talk about the highs and lows of building their business.
      Practical advice and goal setting to help you achieve your dream of a successful business.

    Let’s face it: if you want advice from a successful startup, Xero should be at the top of your list.

Xero already offers a state-of-the-art business platform and accounting tool that will help you run your startup and grow as your business grows. And with the added benefit of a support and education package, you can see why Xero is the best accounting system for startups.

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